WebPCM is a project or job costing system for companies whos primary project costs are their employees. Its used by Consulting Engineers, Architects and Quantity Surveyors amongst others.

Enter Employees, hourly Employee Rates and Project data first. Then Timesheets, Fees and Expenses can be entered. View all your project costs thereafter using the suite of different reports including detailed itemised costs per project, or lists of summary project data grouped by manager, owner or status. Also list Fees, Expenses and other cost and summary reports.

Data is entered online using a browser via your own dedicated login page, your data is stored securely in your own dedicated separate database of which you can receive regular backup copies. Enter data from any internet enabled device.

There is no large upfront fee or ongoing tie in with WebPCM. Cost involves a small £100+VAT setup fee then an annual licence fee of £100+VAT per employee, this covering ongoing licence, all support and all future upgrades. This allows pay as you use, if the company downsizes, so does the fee, this helping cope with the economic ups and downs of the construction industry. As there is no large upfront fee, the cost is spread through application use, as there is no tie in you can stop usage when you need without worry about ongoing payments. There is also no worry about future payments for upgrades. As long as you need it and use it, it'll be there.