About Us

ACR Software was incorporated in Scotland in 2004 by Alston Rankin BEng(Hons) MSc. Born and raised mostly in Glasgow, Scotland, interspersed with a few years in Canada, Alstons background was originally in Engineering having completed an honours degree in Civil Engineering before working as a Structural Engineer for a few years in the mid 1990's. This was followed by a return to academia to study for a Master of Science in Computer Studies.

This enabled a change of industry into Information Technology, working in IT with blue chip companies in the Investment Banking industry for 15 years, involving working in the south of England and in New York, USA. This last part of his career was highly successful gaining fantastic leading edge experience at the forefront of technology.

During the years working in IT, contact with old colleagues from his engineering days resulted in discussions around software needs for a cost management system. This resulted in the first version of Project Cost Manager(PCM) being developed and released commercially. The formation of ACR Software soon followed.

PCM was marketed initially locally in Glasgow and then beyond. Other work followed and the business grew. Recently PCM has been re-developed to be web based, opening it up to a wider market. ACR Software continues to go from strength to strength.

alston rankin